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Now Mway is yours. Yes only yours.
Mway gives first time the API (Access Point Interface) which helps you to place MWAY in your website. What you need is only PHP hosting services. If your hosting services allow PHP codes, you can use these APIs and give your visitors a premium service.
Just download these below, the one you prefer and use it on your website.
Download the files given below, it is in zip format. If you do not have winzip, you can get one from the whole thing and then include those PHP files in your wap/web page to use the API, it is very simple to use
If you have mobile site using WML, then download WML API and for websites or mobile sites using HTML, they should download xHTML API
The API is free to use and you are not required to pay any annual charges or anything else, neither do we give any, just a premium service which you can use on your site. You can use it for commercial/personal use. We can change our agreement policy at any point of time without proper notification. You are requested to keep an eye on the site for any license agreement changes. By using this service,you state that you are solely responsible for any damage or loss incured to you or your site while using this API.
By using this API, you agree that, you are not changing the logical/business codes apart from inserting your comments. You can redistribute this API or create mirrors only when you keep readme.txt file and the other file unchanged without adding any other files in the archive. You are not going to charge any money for the distribution.
You are not going to use this medium to launch unlawful means and/or cause damage to

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